National Equipment Leasing is a service company committed to providing complete, creative financing for vendors. Selling equipment is easier when it becomes affordable for your customer. National Equipment Leasing’s programs offer you an alternative to cash purchases that can increase your sales and ultimately increase your profits.

Because of our superior reputation and recognition in the industry, we have developed agreements with more than thirty (30) financial institutions. The benefit of these relationships is the flexibility to finance most unique situations and customers. Therefore, we are not limited to one program, one type of equipment, or one grade of credit. We have the ability to give the best possible rates and programs to your good customers and structures for start-up businesses and your credit challenged customers as well.

Additional Benefits of Our Vendor Program Includes:

Prompt Payment of Invoices

All companies know the frustration of aged receivables. With National Equipment Leasing, full funding of your invoice will occur upon receipt of proper documentation.

Leasing Avoids the Price Obstacle

By offering affordable monthly payments instead of overwhelming cash cost, you can prevent unnecessary “sticker shock”.

Leasing Can Often Cost Justify a More Expensive Unit

By approaching the customer with a low monthly payment, you can often cost-justify a more expensive model as it will have only a minor impact on the monthly payment already sold.

Leasing is a Source of Repeat Business

The customer has the flexibility to upgrade to new equipment or add additional equipment during the term of the lease. This offers you a source of repeat business.

Simple Interest Payoff

National Equipment Leasing is one of the very few leasing companies in the United States that offers a simple interest payoff on many of our lease programs. This unique benefit will please your customers.


Our involvement with your customers can be minimal or, if you prefer, we can contact them, analyze the situation and offer a financial solution. We are also available to train your sales staff to utilize leasing as a sales tool, giving the full benefit of practical knowledge and the skills necessary to handle the leasing/sale close.